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Privacy Policy

About privacy policy

・What is personal information?
Information that can identify a specific individual, or information that can identify a specific individual by combining it with other information is defined as personal information.

・Compliance with laws and regulations
We will properly handle personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other relevant laws and regulations, and the guidelines of relevant government agencies.

・Purpose of use of customer's personal information
We will use the personal information of our customers entrusted to us only within the scope of the purposes specified below.
In addition, as a method of use, we will use communication means such as postal mail, telephone, and e-mail.
When customers directly enter their personal information in writing, etc., we will clearly indicate the purpose of use on the spot.
If we add or change the purpose of use, we will do so to the extent reasonably permitted and publish the details on our website.
1. Information about our products, various services, events, campaigns, etc.
2. Information such as regular inspection date, vehicle inspection expiry date, insurance expiry date, etc. of customer-owned vehicle.  
3. Questionnaires for new product development, customer satisfaction improvement, and various statistical surveys.  
4. To provide services in response to customer requests, such as requesting catalogs, requesting quotations, and entering contests.

・Provision of personal information to third parties
We will not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent, with the following exceptions.
1. When required by law. In addition, when provision to a third party is permitted by applicable laws and regulations.
2. When entrusting the customer's personal information to a subcontractor, including sales agents, within the scope necessary for the business.

・ Appropriate management of personal information
In order to ensure that personal information is handled properly, we will establish a system for each department and implement safety measures such as a management environment.

・ Disclosure, correction, deletion of retained data based on the Personal Information Protection Act, various inquiries
You can request disclosure, correction, or deletion of your personal information held by us.
If you make a written request to us, we will promptly respond within a reasonable scope after confirming that you are the person making the request.
For other inquiries regarding personal information, please contact the above contact.

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