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Integrated logistics
(general logistics)

import/export used cars

■ Import/export used cars and auto parts

We provide a consistent service from delivery of vehicles to storage, customs clearance, and shipping.

We provide export handling services for used cars.

We support customers' used car exports to all over the world with a consistent service from vehicle delivery to storage, customs clearance, and shipping.

Please leave it to us to pick up the car from the auction site, apply for export inspection work, and apply for marine insurance on your behalf.

​We also accept auto parts, so please feel free to contact us.

Cargo handled: Used cars, complete cars, auto parts, motorcycles, small construction machines, small heavy machines, small ships, etc.

Used car import/export
Import and export of used small construction machinery
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Service contents

■ Car carrier business

When exporting using a car carrier, we support the preparation of shipping documents, the export customs clearance agency, the forwarding of the customer's car from the yard to the designated shipping berth, and the loading of the ship.

We also handle export inspections required by the destination.

Car carrier business

■ Container ship business

In the case of destinations where car carriers cannot be used, we will have to export by container ship.

After customs clearance at the container vanning facility, the customer's vehicle is packed into a container.

After container vanning, we will properly land transport to the port of departure of the container ship.

Container ship business

■ Yard delivery service

For example, when a customer purchases a vehicle to be exported at an auction, we will arrange to pick up the vehicle at the auction site and transport it by land to the yard.

Yard delivery service

■ Marine insurance service

You can apply for marine insurance at partner insurance companies.

We will take care of the application process for you.

Marine insurance procedures
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