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Integrated logistics
(general logistics)

International Logistics Service

At MKTrading, we use a variety of international logistics services to deliver our customers' packages safely, reliably, and quickly to all regions of the world.
We propose and provide logistics that meet the needs of our customers, ranging from used cars, construction machinery, industrial products, steel materials, lumber, material cargo such as bulk cargo, food, clothing, and general merchandise.
We provide integrated services from domestic transportation and delivery using partner companies to packing, storage, customs clearance, transportation and installation at the destination.
We provide international logistics services that best suit the needs of our customers related to imports and exports.

ocean cargo ship
transport container

■ Harbor transportation

We have a first-class freight forwarding business (international shipping) and provide harbor transportation services connecting the sea and the land.
Regardless of whether it is an ocean-going vessel or a coastal vessel, we provide cargo handling services such as unloading, stowage, and lashing on conventional ships, RORO ships, PCC ships, and BULK ships, as well as ship agency services that promptly act on behalf of ship entry and departure procedures. Our experienced staff will provide safe and reliable services.

cargo ship in the port

■ Marine and air import/export cargo handling

Please leave both ocean and air transportation to meet your diverse import/export needs.
While we have strengths in oversized and heavy cargo, we also handle small-lot, high-mix low-volume cargo.
Packing for export, container vanning, delivery to the container yard, transportation and installation at the destination, and import, we accept consistent transportation from receipt of cargo at the port transportation department to devanning and domestic delivery.
We also help our customers export used cars.

port transportation
cargo container

■ Customs Clearance and Bonded

Our professional staff will promptly respond to customs clearance, bonding, and other laws and regulations.
We also handle application work based on the Food Sanitation Law, Plant Quarantine Law, etc. for food imports.

Customs procedure agency
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