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Integrated logistics
(general logistics)

Domestic logistics service

MKTrading provides new value through total support for each customer's logistics strategy.
In addition to our own vehicles, including various dedicated vehicles, we have realized efficient and low-cost nationwide transportation and delivery through a network that cooperates with route companies and local transportation companies.
For long-distance transportation, we are promoting a modal shift in cooperation with ferries, domestic shipping companies, and JR Freight.

Domestic transportation
Domestic transportation

■ Land transportation

In domestic transportation, we flexibly and safely deliver all kinds of cargo to all regions of the country, from large cargo such as steel materials, lumber, construction machinery, and construction equipment to small cargo.

For warehouse management, we also accept receipt and delivery, storage, transportation and delivery in an integrated manner.

Domestic transportation
Agricultural machines

■ Modal shift

For domestic long-distance transportation, we work with ferries and coastal shipping companies to use marine transportation and JR Freight to reduce costs and provide transportation that is friendly to both cargo and the environment.

commercial ferry boat
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