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Integrated logistics
(general logistics)

Warehouse management service

At MKTrading, we carry out warehouse management operations that meet the needs of our customers, such as maintaining and managing the quality of each customer's products, managing them by temperature zone, distribution processing, packing, and picking.
Please feel free to contact us for import/export handling, customs clearance, transportation and delivery.

warehouse management
warehouse management

■ Quality control

In addition to storage, MKTrading also maintains product quality and quality control.
In addition to managing food by temperature zone in refrigerators and freezers, we also have fumigation equipment for imported fruits and vegetables and a ripening warehouse for imported fruits to meet the various needs of our customers for quality maintenance and management of food cargo. I have received it.

wine barrel
Quality control Warehouse management

■ Processing

We will respond to the needs of distribution processing in the supply chain of products.
We handle sorting, boxing, sorting for over-the-counter sales, bagging, labeling, refrigeration processing, etc.

In addition, please contact us for shot primer processing of steel materials and stencil imprinting of imported wood.

warehouse people taping box
metal processing
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